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How to spot a quality web directory?

There are thousands of directories out on the internet, and new ones are created every single day.With so many choices how do you find a quality web directory? Here is a list of qualities that youshould look for in a directory.

1.  Directory Age - Check how long the directory has been on the web, the longer it has been active the more likely it is that it will be active for years to come.

2.  Page Rank - Find out what the page rank is for the homepage as well as the inner pages such as categories and sub-categories. High page rank is great but make sure that categories have PR as well.

3.  Human Edited - Any Directory that deserves a title of quality should be human edited. Auto approve directories are full with spam, and could be seen as link farms.

4.  Listings - Find if your listing will have its own page, having your own page is important as you get extra links from your listing being in a category and having its own page.

5.  Alexa Rank - This is a good indication of an active directory, the lower the rank the more likely the directory is active and popular.

6.  Indexed Pages - Check to see if Google has indexed most of the pages of the directory, that shows that Google is interested and site structure is SEO Friendly.

7.  Backlinks - Find how many and where the directory is getting its popularity.

8.  Unique Design - A Unique design is a sign of a quality web directory since the owner put the time to make it unique it stands a better chance that it will be active for a longer time.

9.  Contact - Has a contact page and responds quickly to inquiries.
10. Keywords - Find if the directory has any keywords in search engines, this shows SEO work has been done and leans toward quality.


Paid or Free directory

Having your site listed in a free directory may not be so great. Free directories attract a lot of spam, and low quality sites. A way to filter that is with a paid directory, where spammers will not list and generally the listings will be of higher quality than in a free directory. This is the time to consider what your link neighborhood you would like. Would you like to have quality listings around yours or would you rather be in with the spammers?

There are many reasons why one would choose a paid directory over a free directory. Some factors to consider are:

Time- how long will a free directory take to approve your link (if it even approves it at all). With a Paid directory reviews are quick and your site is listed and indexed by Google and other search engines in no time.

Quality- With a free directory your site will most likely be in a spam neighborhood and that will not be good for your rankings in search engines.

DeepLinks- Many Paid directories have deeplinks and this way you will promote inner pages of your sites, gaining extra exposure.

Age- Paid directories tend to be active longer than free directories. Don't waste time listing your site in a directory that will be gone tomorrow.

Price- Free directories offer on backlinks and don't ask for anything in return, while with paid directories there is a price to pay for a quality.

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