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    a resource for all webmasters


    Our site is built to help and aid users including webmasters, site owners, directory owners, and SEO specialists. Driving traffic to a website is the number one obstacle to success over the internet. To overcome this obstacle the most important step is building backlinks. Web and article directories are great tools for SEO specialist and webmasters to promote their websites. Adding links to directories is the best way to build permanent backlinks to websites and insuring a steady rise in traffic and exposure. We are here to offer you our web directory list to find the right directory for you.




Under New Directories tab: you can find the most recently added to our lists, this is very important in finding emerging directories.


Our Top Directories tab: shows you the most popular directories according to our site visitors.


Free Directory List       Paid Directory List


Our Lists Offer:


Under General Directories there are a number of different types of directories listed, our free directory list receives the most attention.


Free Web Directory List offers webmasters a way to get backlinks with no money out of pocket, but take a long time to approve, and most free directories are new and with a low page rank.


On the other end our Paid Web Directory List is full with fast approving most with higher page rank than free directories and tend to stay active for a longer term. The only way to have steady and permanent backlinks is with directories that have stood the test of time, and paid directories have proven this over time.


Niche Directory list are great for building backlinks that are focused to your topic. Backlinks that are relevant tend to carry more weight and drive better and more useful traffic.


Regional Directory list offers the same focused traffic as Niche directories, But are focused on a specific county or continent. Regional directories are great if a webmaster wants to rank and bring in traffic from a specific region and not the whole world.


Article Directory list is a good tool to receive backlinks in exchange for content. This is a great way to have traffic that will convert well and have permanent backlinks concentrated  to your site.


General Directories:


Free Directory List       Paid Directory List       Bid Directory List

High PR Directories       Reciprocal Directories List       Deep Links Directory List

Blog Directories      Regional Directories List      Article Directories




Niche Directories:


Animals       Automotive

Business       Computers

Education       Health

Legal       Real_Estate

Science       Shopping

Sports       Travel



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